Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Contact Simple Widget 1.1.3

Contact Simple Widget 1.1.3 has been published.

This update includes localizations for the Spanish language and the Spanish language for the United States. I know some Spanish from high school and college, 4 years total, but I am by no means fluent. I would like to add localizations for German, Swedish and Italian in that order as these are the predominant languages after English. Comment if you would like to translate to one of these or any other language.

An application launcher has been added to allow for the configuration of 2 new features. The first new feature is ability to show a label with the contact name directly under the contact image. By default this feature is off. The label will display the contact's nickname if it is set otherwise the label will display the contact's first name followed by the first character of the contact's last name. The second new feature is the ability prioritize the list of phones and emails such that the primary phone and email for a contact will be listed first. This main reason this feature was added is to allow for phone calls to be made with less effort. I find that I make a lot of phone calls while driving and it is convenient to have the primary phone at the top of the list saving me the time it takes to otherwise find that phone.

The icons for the phone and email list items were improved. In previous versions the foreground content of the icons varied in height which made them look ugly. I adjusted them so that the height of the foreground content is approximately the same and the overall appearance improved.

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