Monday, March 12, 2012

Android Instant Messaging

The only instant messaging client I use on my Android phone is Google Talk and I use it regularly. So, I decided to implement instant messaging shortcuts into CSW and found some surprises. I found that most Instant Messaging apps for Android do not support Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). The URIs for instant messaging in Android look something like this "im://gtalk/", "im://skype/username" or "im://aim/cstickdev". As it is, the official Skype and AIM apps do not support their URIs, however Google Talk does.

Based on this knowledge I was given the choice to provide IM shortcuts for Skype, AIM and others which do not support URIs or only providing the ones that I knew worked. In the end, I decided to provide all the shortcuts with the reasoning that it is possible that unofficial apps might implement URI receivers that the official apps do not.

I am requesting that AIM and Skype implement this capability, read more here.

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